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Couple Enjoying Date in Mexico City CDMX

“Wing enables us to commit to our date night”

“Since John and I work full-time jobs, it's difficult to find the time to plan our date nights. Working with Wing's local planners allows us to spend more time on our relationship and go on more exciting adventures together. We've been sent to Shakespearean improv, axe throwing, and a painting class so far!
- Samantha & John

What are we going to do this weekend?
Pasta Making Class Cooking Class Mexico City

What can I expect?

From classes to short-stays outside of the city, you can imagine a mix of activities we'll be sending you to.

































What is Wing?

We've all been there. It's Thursday and you ask you significant other, "what should we do this weekend?"

There's always exciting things to do in Mexico City, but the city moves so quickly that it's hard to keep up with the options.

That's why we created Wing, a date night concierge for couples in Mexico City. We curate date night ideas and itineraries for couples, for free.

What is a typical date like?

We try to avoid just sending you to new restaurants and hip cafes, there's more to dating in CDMX than that!

Each date itinerary we share will include an activity of some kind -- it could be an event in town for a short period of time (like an art exhibit), a local painting class, or a unique place to visit for a half-day slightly outside of the city.

How does it work?

After you sign up with your WhatsApp, we'll add you to our weekly newsletter where we send out date itineraries.

Some of these will be time sensitive -- like an art exhibit only in CDMX for a weekend or . If you want to go, you'll have all the details and tips. If it's not for you, the next week you'll have another idea and itinerary in your inbox :)

How is Wing free?

Today, Wing is completely free. We don't charge you nor the businesses/services that we recommend.

We think there's a lot of value in community and helping couples stay together by discovering new their city together, and it's win-win situation because we get to try these awesome dates before we recommend them!

How can I get involved with Wing?

We're on the lookout for Wingmen, Wingwomen, and businesses to support the community!

Have a unique idea or offer a unique service? We'd love to hear from you.

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